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A Fluffy Introduction

  • The initial motivation behind the creation of this instance was to provide a SNS that is neither WeChat (Qzone, Weibo...) nor Facebook (Instagram, Twitter...) for people I know in real life. However since this is the fediverse, which is based on the open web, which is based on the Internet, let's be open to everyone.


  • This is an open community, please try to be open and loving to others.
  • Please understand this is not the Dark Web. Decentralisation does not equal to anonymous. You are responsible for what you post, so please be aware of the expectations.
  • You shall not impersonate others or misrepresent your identity for any malicious purposes.
  • Sorry, but no politic-sensitive content, and please avoid extremisms. Actually we are not going to ban you just because content on politics, but please be kindly informed that it is not the best place for these content here. (But isn't the belief 'decentralisation and privacy' itself a political idea? Huh.)
  • Use Content Warning (CW) for potential NSFW contents or contents that may make people uncomfortable here, including spoilers. BUT NO CHILD PORN ALLOWED. Please use the Report feature if you see any inappropriate contents.
  • This instance is backed up regularly, BUT IS PROVIDED AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO... (you should know the rest of it, DuckDuckGo it if you don't)


  • I cannot make any guarantee on how many registrations can this instance be open to. For now, sit back and relax.
  • After all, if you are joining this Mastodon instance, it means that you trust the administrator @ghost, who set up and manages this instance. Technically he can block you, remove your content, view your email address, etc. It is always recommended that people who can host their own instances to do so, for the sake of decentralisation which is the reason we are here in the first place.
  • Have fun in the fairground :joy: