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- 点击左上角响应IO事件
- 左侧上下分别是运行中的进程和等待中的进程,点击对应的方块使其停止或继续运行。
- 右侧上方是内存中的页,下方是磁盘上的页,点击这些方块可以将内存页swap in/out
- 运行中的进程需要对应pid的内存页在RAM中,否则就会在CPU上空转。
- 如果没搞好的话用户就会觉得卡砸键盘,game over。


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Im still impressed at niconiconi's ability to wake up at a different rime everyday and seemingly not be effected by it :akko_derp:
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用Whisper官方的模型跑了一下中文的语音识别,结果很奇怪,时不时会识别出“请不吝点赞订阅转发打赏支持明镜与点点栏目”,而且对应的音频位置都没有声音,再看结果又识别出一些“中文字幕由xxxx提供 ”的文本。突然意识到他们应该用了大量油管视频的音频字幕,所以会在没有声音的地方会加这种字幕内容,结果整个模型都训脏了...变成在没有声音的片段随机投放广告了otz

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As entertaining as fediblock drama is, it's also fucking ridiculous.
I'm seeing thousands of online relationships harmed over a snubbed friendship request between two admins, ffs....


:0090: wut

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A few days ago I learned about grub theming and this is where it got me.

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Mocking Google for their totally-not-an-attempt-to-DRM-the-Web is the right thing to do.

Open issues on the proposal repo and let them know what you think.


But, don't be fooled. Even if they take this back, it doesn't change how they think. This is their intention. They just failed to slip it by this time.

The answer is to take power away from Google. Stop using their stuff. Build alternatives. It's not easy, but it's the only way.

And mock them. That's always fun.

I wanted to rant about how banks add a margin and then charge a fixed fee but suddenly realized it's a bloody linear regression.

it's cursed enough that I needed to disambiguate smalltalk

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how to learn small talk the social language

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《Google 更新隐私政策将抓取所有 Web 内容训练 AI》 Google 于 7 月 1 日更新了它的隐私政策,其中包括保留权利抓取公开 Web 内容训练 AI。Google 在新版隐私政策中称,“我们可能会收集网络上可公开访问的信息或其它公共来源的信息去帮助训练 Google 的 AI 语言模型,构成产品和功能如 Google Translate、Bard 和 Cloud AI。”整个互联网正成为搜索巨人的 AI 游乐场。 |

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vocaloid producers will make the happiest songs about the saddest shit ever

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ghosted boosted "protected abstract virtual base pure virtual private destructor" is C++'s "monoid in the category of endofunctors"

草 查了半天虚拟机3D加速问题 发现是显存不够

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RT The year is 20XX. Web apps are built in C++ and Rust with WebAssembly, and desktop apps are built in JavaScript with Electron.

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Imagine that Google made an email app called "Email" that hid other email servers than their own unless you went looking for them.

That's how I feel about a client being called "Mastodon".

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