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体验最后一天突然来回改版的甲方 🤦

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I have to silence them or the global timeline will contain nothing other than catgirls. 🤣

we are now running v2.6.2, and I enabled a new relay (which only synced some catgirls so far 🤣 )

The thing is you can't simply prove them wrong (as if they were going to believe it), until the moment they happened to go through some miserable consequences by chance (sometimes not even in this life). But even if it did happen, it'd be too late for anything to be changed.

the majority is called majority for a reason, so is bigot

The most usable Qt client for matrix is now unmaintained (・・;

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Life is fucked up by default. Being able to fix it is a privilege.



is there a reason that people buy AMD's CPU other than `it's not Intel` in 2018?

之前一直觉得 osu!lazer 的判定要难,后来发现原来是我以前 osu! 的 skin 故意把边界缩小了,然后换到在边界外就打不着的就很不适应 🌚

不管怎么说,osu!lazer 在 linux 上算是能玩了,什么时候买个 !support 资瓷一下(

求求你们不要让我在有生之年看到 osu 这种游戏也被搬到浏览器里

起了个 wayland,kde on wayland 甚至还不支持 fractional scaling?

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In case everyone has forgotten, when was the deadline for the house to pass the CRA to restore net neutrality?

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你不能,你只能“纯洁”地活,但在二十岁生日刚过那一瞬间迅速产生强烈的繁殖欲望并付诸行动积极寻找配偶,除此以外的需求都是肮脏污秽随时可能被消灭的 :chobi1:


To improve something you have to admit it is fucking screwed up at first, which by itself is a thoughtcrime. I give up.


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