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@upsuper @youon @bi119aTe5hXk 我的冰箱里备着许多冰袋,用来压住滚烫的一盒汤 :doge1:

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Blazingly 🔥 fast 🚀 memory vulnerabilities, written in 100% safe Rust. 🦀

wow the Rust devs really thought of everything
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is it normal to jolt down 12 todos at the end of a day :0090:

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you're swapping your access cache sounds more terrifying than your desk is a mess

@mariotaku 其实telegram当网盘是feature,营销推广过的那种

@fulkrum 那么硬件工程师的C++和Verilog哪个更令人高血压呢 :0090:

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When I was a smartass computer nerd in the 80s and 90s, an eternal theme was friends and family sheepishly asking me for tech support help, and me slowly, patiently explaining to them that computers aren't scary, they're actually predictable, they won't explode or erase your data (unless you really make an effort), and they operate by simple (if somewhat arcane) rules. Edit > Cut, then click, then Edit > Paste. Save As. Use tabs, not spaces. Stuff like that. Maybe not easy, but simple, or at least consistent and learnable.

But that's not true anymore.

User interfaces lag. Text lies. Buttons don't click. Buttons don't even look like buttons! Panels pop up and obscure your workspace and you can't move or remove them -- a tiny floating x and a few horizontal lines is all you get. Mobile and web apps lose your draft text, refresh at whim, silently swallow errors, mysteriously move shit around when you're not looking, hide menus, bury options, don't respect or don't remember your chosen settings. Doing the same thing gives different results. The carefully researched PARC principles of human-computer interaction -- feedback, discoverabilty, affordances, consistency, personalization -- all that fundamental Don Norman shit -- have been completely discarded.

My tech support calls now are about me sadly explaining there's nothing I can do. Computers suck now. They run on superstition, not science. It's a real tragedy for humanity and I have no idea how to fix it.

#HCI #UX #UI #okdoomer

整个歌单都应该是放松的轻音乐 但是其中有一首在osu打过……

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euphemism is an objectively less efficient communication technique but may sometimes be perceived as subjectively more appropriate to the social context for a given culture

professional hazard :elder_phone:

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The “Alex" ruleset to “catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing” suggests that instead of “ADHD", I should write "disorganized", "distracted", "energetic", "hyperactive", "impetuous", "impulsive", "inattentive", "restless", or "unfocused”.

What, no. Those are all worse.

I have ADHD. That means my brain is wired to think in one manner instead of the "preferred" one. It's not shameful. I'm not "disorganized”, or “inattentive”, or “impetuous”. WTF. No.

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