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just realized I rarely get chances to write some actual code properly... always poking around


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@PeterCxy All I want is a phone with at least a 1080p oled, no notch, Has a bit of waterproofness, has no glass back, has a headphone jack, is flashable with lineage and has a decent camera.

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How to avoid piracy when everything not pirated needs to be censored

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继 Elon Musk 之后,Edward Snowden 也宣布自己喜欢新海诚的电影,并表示相比《君名》自己更喜欢《言葉之庭》和《秒速五厘米》。 ​​​​

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"Instead of providing the reforms for privacy and accountability that so many of us asked for, the bill contains frightening new “cyber operations powers” which would give near limitless, unaccountable power for Canada’s spy agency to do things like influencing foreign* elections, suppressing online news or blocking messaging apps" - OpenMedia, who, as usual, their website doesn't work.

Looks like the #cryptowar is at the senate, now.

#C59 #canada

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推荐大家多多使用一种点对点(P2P)、可替代(fungible)、匿名、支持冷存储的通用支付系统——现金。记住,为了确保交易的绝对安全,Don't Trust, Verify(例如紫外线灯)! ​​​​

TODO list: the hard way

spent a whole day configuring collabora online, and decided to uninstall after seeing the effect. still need more development. hope collabora can get enough enterprise onboard though

ownCloud definitely wins on the software freedom aspect, but the lack of e2ee is a significant factor to me. NextCloud seems to have e2ee but I avoided it from the start due to the "nightmare", quoting a Debian Security member.

so I just setup my ownCloud instance.

wondering whether I should trust my VPS provider over MEGA's (supposedly safe) E2EE that doesn't even support main key rotating. the problem is I need to be able to access from mobile, thus a somehow "zero-knowledge" solution is needed.

since when we need to start a roll of services which start a bunch of processes for each, just to serve a freaking webpage.

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New habit after adapting to TODO Lists: postpone all tasks to tomorrow every night

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char (*(*f(char (*(*(*(*(*g)())[5][2])())())[100]))())[16][256]