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moral fashion is provocative because it always seems to be the right thing to do at the time

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starring (mostly) means bookmark
boosting doesn't have to be agreeing

remember the human

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remember, GPT-3 is a language model. It is not even a coding AI.

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in the good timeline, GPT finally trains humanity to understand that someone who's eloquent is not therefore automatically trustworthy

Gabriel Kron be like: What can we do with these linear and non-linear partial differential equations? Easy! We can first visualize them to be electrical circuits in 4-dimensional space...

Statements dreamed of by the utterly deranged.


sorry for being a terrible sysadmin, it will happen again

Messing around with ChatGPT and I entered "Explain what Mastodon is in the style of Soviet propaganda".

When I asked (AI Dungeon's flavor of) GPT-3 to write an anti-software patent editorial, it managed to produce the standard argument, and then it even signed itself as "EFF" :blobcatlul:

turned out 65w quick charge was actually 65VA quick charge

>let's not become centralized
>so let's centralize moderation

heads up for masto admins 

Tomorrow is when I plan to self-destruct


I'm concerned about the load that this will place on remote servers processing the account deletion jobs. I'm planning to scale back the local Sidekiq concurrency to slow-roll the self-destruct.

Apologies in advance for clogging up your Sidekiq queues.

gargragon when everyone keeps calling them "toots" even though he's trying to have the Mastodon® Network™ (trademark owned by Mastodon gGmbH) as professional as possible
My timeline is suddenly looking like a lot of normal people posts and that's weirding me out. I keep wanting to check if I accidentally got on Facebook or something.

Need to increase the weirdo-to-noise signal. :thonking:
i am allegedly an adult yet having to make a phone call fills me with palpable dread.
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