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moral fashion is provocative because it always seems to be the right thing to do at the time

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starring (mostly) means bookmark
boosting doesn't have to be agreeing

remember the human

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如何区分造轮子和组装轮子 🤔

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@w27 京东也学淘宝禁止未登录用户搜索了。慢慢地我们会发现百度可能是最开放的国内互联网公司。

羡慕有灵性的同学,扔给他充满bullet points的laundry list,能自动脑补成思维导图的那种活跃思维。然而他很困扰如何给别人解释东西,在他看来很明显的东西别人就是跟不上 :0090:

how do people just start their speech on the spot given a prompt and a time limit :8091:

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最近每天都在写邮件,有些懒,看了一眼 GPT 写邮件,我的老地狱啊,非得把英语邮件写得像日语邮件一样吗?真的有人写邮件这么……又礼貌又啰嗦吗?我不明白。

it relies on delicate attention

sometimes it has a burst of output that exceeds the hard constraint and crashes itself

other times it keeps losing track of the task at hand


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ADHD people: switching between things very quickly.

also ADHD people: tasks must be challenging enough to be engaging, but not so challenging that it triggers frustration intolerance.

... this is literally impedance matching.

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而三藩的 the Exploratorium 直接把我的想象力摁在地上摩擦。

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笑死 ,我第一反应这不就是暗示“穷人沉迷做爱,富人追求sm”么。 点进去说是让大家读书 :0171: “阅读,无疑是获得内啡肽最便捷的方式。” ...你一个医生推这话就不负责了啊,挨一顿揍才是获得内啡肽最便捷的方式(认真)。

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ghosted boosted It's called NUT because many UPS have no documentation and reverse-engineering the protocols drive people nut.

tired: stereotyping
wired: extrapolating
inspired: ?

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我和台湾朋友打uber。上车以后司机问朋友:Are you Chinese?
朋友:No! I am Taiwanese!
司机:Ahh i am so sorry. For sure Taiwan is Taiwan.
我:I am Chinese.
司机:You know, I am just a Uber driver…

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I wish more people understood that being accessible does not simply mean "if you come we have someone to help you". It means that someone with a disability can access your place or service in the same way as an able-bodied person.

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FYI, when a website erases your text that you just spent an hour writing, you can use this little trick to recover it 99% of the time:

1. find the firefox pid

$ pgrep -l firefox

2. attach gdb to firefox and dump its core

$ sudo gdb <pid>
gcore firefox.dump
<this takes awhile>
<firefox dies>

3. find your lost text in the coredump

$ strings firefox.dump | grep "a unique word/sentence from ur text"

i just did this today to recover a long post i wrote, and figured i'd show others!! :uxn:

I thought I had a project competing with my couch problem, but it turned out I don't even have a couch...

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