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To improve something you have to admit it is fucking screwed up at first, which by itself is a thoughtcrime. I give up.

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npc energy: When you only talk to people if they talk to you.

@Nitrokey looking to get a backup key in case my current yubikey neo breaks, but you don't have any keys support both GPG and U2F?

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配了半天secureboot发现弄错key了,羞愧致死 :8091:

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One thing I am sure about is that the gaming industry, including gamers themselves, seldom care about anything regarding privacy and security. People are always happily putting / receiving kernel hooks from games to the OS to ensure "anti-cheating", while those "anti-cheating" engines may as well upload their files to some remote server happily just to check if they have modified a few freaking numbers in the freaking game.

Now here comes "cloud" gaming. Ironically, considering the above situation, this can even be a good thing because at least now you don't have kernel hooks from every freaking game developer that know nothing about security.

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Internet does not exaggerate terrorism; it's human that exaggerate everything that they believe in, and Internet just helps those people get in contact with each other. Even when we have the freedom of choice of information, we still only see those we want to see. We haven't actually gone very far from our ancestors, except that what were a few tribes sharing their belief and to defend themselves have now become a huge army of virtually-connected people that ignores everything that do not conform to their belief. That's a problem of humanity, not anything else.

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Debian enters full freeze, those HiDPI bugs will have to wait another 2 years...

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从来没承认自己会日语但是其实平时都用音读和塞翻蒙混过关的我:我真的不会日语,别再拜托我了 :0360:

is there a free software alternative for consumer-grade lost-and-found bluetooth trackers like tile?


> I used to joke that I wanted to be the documentation person because then everyone else had to explain to me how things worked, and they couldn't give up on me, because it would then be my job to explain it to everyone else.

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mastodon 居然没自动清僵尸功能,难不成我要写 SQL 一把梭

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